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Mike Piazza Among Notable Class Snubbed for Hall of Fame

January 9th, 2013 at 7:09 PM
By Mike Phillips

Today was supposed to be one of baseball's best days of the year, when the Hall of Fame announces the results of its voting class. Wednesday was anticipated to be a big ballot as first timers included all time home run king Barry Bonds, star pitcher Roger Clemens, 3,000 hit man Craig Biggio, and the greatest hitting catcher of all time in Mike Piazza. The class was poised to bring some of baseball's biggest names into the game's most hallowed halls in Cooperstown. The voters decided to throw a curveball today, as the results were announced with no one having the necessary votes to reach the Hall of Fame

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The Baseball Writers of America, or BBWA, chose not to elect anyone to the Hall of Fame. The vote would mark the first time since 1996 that no one got elected by the baseball writers. Many viewed this class as a turning point due to the inclusion of players who were stars of baseball's steroid era, and the writers chose to make a statement by refusing to vote anyone in. No one got the necessary 75 percent of votes in order to join the Hall, with Craig Biggio leading the way with 68.4% of the vote. Biggio ended up falling 39 votes shy of the vote, and was followed closely by Jack Morris. Former Met great Mike Piazza finished fourth in the voting with 57.8%, a good showing for his first time given the circumstances.

It is a sad day for sure, especially as players such as Biggio and Piazza are getting denied of an honor they earned this year due to steroid suspicions that aren't based in fact. The situation is a mess to deal with as there are a whole class of players that is going to become eligible over the next few years that played in that era. Piazza will likely see his time eventually, as he outpaced all the first timers except Biggio. That group includes Curt Schilling (38.8%), Roger Clemens (37.6%), Barry Bonds (36.2%), and Sammy Sosa (12.5%). Piazza and company will have a hill to climb in 2014, as a group headlined by 300 game winners Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux joins the already eligible players. Piazza will make the Hall eventually (probably by 2016 at the latest) but it is a sad day for baseball in general. 

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