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Mets 101 50th Anniversary Article: the Broadcasters: a Look Back at the Men Who Called the Game

December 15th, 2012 at 5:48 PM
By Joe Melendez

Back in 2006, I became a full fledged Mets fan. Key word full fledged. Not because I was jumping on to the wagon, but because that just happened to be the year I recognized myself with that win from behind, never out of it, come from behind nit and grit team. That's when I began to watch baseball aside from the playoff's and began to actually watch during the season. It was in this time that I also became acquainted with the best play-by-play broadcaster possibly in baseball, in Gary Cohen and a new color-commentary crew. 


'Ralph Kiner and Gary Cohen in the SNY Booth' photo (c) 2010, slgckgc - license:
Ralph Kiner and Gary Cohen

In 2006, the Mets acquired SNY, along with doing so, the would have themselves a new television team featuring Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling. Prior to this however, the original television color-commentary crew consisted of Ralph Kiner, Lindsey Nelson, and Bob Murphy. Calling games together, these three individuals together made one of the longest lasting broadcasting teams in baseball. Until now, it has been a constant shift.

After 1978, the trio all but split. Lindsey headed out west to call San Francisco Giant's game, Kiner continued to call games for the Mets, and Murphy also continued calling games for the Amazins.' Together, they would make it to the Mets hall of fame in 1984. Calling games on both the television and radio. 

Continuing in the Mets organization Kiner (the only surviving member of the original trio), continues to make appearances to this day once a week, during the season. He also hosted one of the longest running tv shows of all time with "Kiner's Korner." In 2007, the Mets would honor him with a tribute in Shea Stadium for his long outstanding work.

As for Murphy, recognized for his enthusiasm and optimism to Mets fans, would go on to to become the Mets radio broadcast and it's recaps. His signature on nights the won would be a chipper one, "We'll be back with the Happy Recap." Bob Murphy would retire in 2003, calling it a career. A great one at that, the Mets would honor him in their last home game of the season. Unfortunately, in 2004, he passed on from this world due to lung cancer.

The Mets have long had a history of hall of fame/hall of fame worthy broadcasters. Some being able to call the game with the best of them. Sometimes, even better. Either way our voices for the fans have been non-other than Amazin.' God willing, it seems the tradition and legacy are in good hands.


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