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Trade Block Time – Which Mets Could Be Dealt Over the Winter

November 10th, 2012 at 6:24 PM
By Joe Melendez

In recent reports from Mike Puma of the New York Post, the Mets are unlikely to part ways with catcher Josh Thole and second baseman Daniel Murphy via trade. However, in the past it was also reported by multiple sources, there was a slim chance that Jason Bay would be cut by the team (and we saw how that worked out). General Manager Sandy Alderson has come out and said that there may be more "flexibility" in the payroll next season compared to their basically $93 million payroll last year, are the Mets earnestly going to invest money into any free agent players? In my hopes, yes, in my opinion, no.


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Which brings the team to the next possibly option, trade. Who exactly on the team would be a viable and valuable trade piece to bring in players who can fill some of the roster voids?

  1. Jonathan Niese – One of the names being throw out there a lot recently, is Jonathan Niese. Though a young up and coming left hander, a very solid starter as of now, the Mets may have it more useful to get another young position player. When we look at the spots that need to be filled, outfielder and a possible upgrade at catcher is glaring. Along with considering the fact that the team still has lefty Johan Santana (who isn't going anywhere), whom may have another year or two left of being a top of the rotation type of player. So if we're able to make a move for an outfielder such as Ariznoa's Justin Upton or a catcher such as the Indian's Carlos Santana and lock that guy up for a number of years for Jonathan Niese, I think that is a trade which should strongly be considered.
  2. R.A. Dickey – While the thought on many fans' minds (including my own) are just sign the only Mets pitcher to win 20-games since Frank Viola and only one to possibly win the Cy Young Award in a Mets uniform since Dwight Gooden, Sandy Alderson and the organization may have something else up their sleeves. As recent articles in the NY Daily News and NY Post suggest that they end up essentially doing a sign and trade with the 38-year-old Knuckleballer. In any other case, it would most likely be a no brainer to trade a player in their late 30's for a possible needed position player or a number of prospects, Dickey's case is different. It was not just about the historic numbers he was able to put up this season, but the way he was able to do so, along with the fight and spirit he possessed doing so. It was practically Dickey carrying the team from start to finish. Not to mention giving fans a reason to come out to the came and continue watching. This all of course leaving out the fact of despite injuries, based on past and recent history Knuckleballers can last considerably longer in career than orthodox pitchers. This all making Dickey a very valuable player.
  3. David Wright – In a time where we've seen a lot of hall of fame caliber players come through the Mets' organization since the early 2000's, none have stuck like David Wright. A "home grown" player, one who has been to the post season and deep into it at that, and also one who's seen the high's and low's but always kept faith in the best. Wright has been through a lot and given his best to the organization. More importantly however, he expresses that he has more and want to give more to the Mets so long as they are committed to winning a World Series title in the very near future and will continue to commit to that. When you look at the back of his baseball card, Wright has hall of fame numbers and could very well be the only other player aside from pitching great Tom Seaver to go in as a Met. Coincidentally enough, just like Tom is the organization's Mr. Met, Wright is this generation of Mets fans 'Mr. Met'. Another relevant comparison is Wright being called the Mets fan's Derek Jeter. So though it may be enticing, it'll be wise to consider how the fans may feel about such a move before it being made. 

Along with it being pointed out that Josh Thole and Daniel Murphy unlikely to be moved, sources within the organization have also said that pitching prospect Zach Wheeler and last year rookie starting pitcher Matt Harvey are dubbed the only "untouchables."


  • Joel Sherman of the New York Post, also reported that the team will not move Ike Davis.
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