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New York Mets Close Citi Field, but Queens Bores Brunt of Hurricane Sandy

November 4th, 2012 at 11:16 AM
By Rebecca Pierce

The New York Mets closed Citi Field and its offices earlier this week due to Hurricane Sandy, but employees were forced to work from home in order to sort out the teams' game plan for the post season deadlines. But while front office employees worked away, the neighborhood of Queens in New York City, where the Mets call home, was one of the Burroughs that saw the worst effects of Hurricane Sandy.

About 80,000 people in Queens remain without power, and Con Ed is promising that it will be back on the 11th of November, over a week from today. The Rockaways was a part of the city that was almost totally destroyed. A 90 year old man was found dead there just earlier today, inching the death toll of the storm up even higher. Breezy Point's historic neighborhoods were also destroyed in the storm, a devastating loss to the city and to history.

Looting has been a major problem all week in Queens as well, as police are few and far between. People dressing up as city officials are knocking on doors in the middle of the night and then attempting to steal. Many fear that it has become lawless there, with little hope for help at this point. To make matters worse, it has been said that it may take up to a month to repair the bridge that connects Queens to the NYC subway system.

One thing that Queens and other New Yorkers can rejoice about is that the team has picked up the option on third base player, David Wright. General Manager Sandy Alderson has made it his priority to sign David Wright to a long term extension. As the face of the Mets franchise, it will hopefully make Queens a happier place when fans unite over good news.

Sports fans from around the country, come together and help out your fellow Mets fans. You can help by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to relief.

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