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David Wright: No Jose Reyes, No Contract Extension

November 2nd, 2011 at 9:35 PM
By Ryan Karpusiewicz

Add more fuel to the fire that is the David Wright rumor mill; in an article in the Daily News, Andy Martino reported that David Wright's camp (consisting of agents Seth and Sam Levinson) has no intention of talking with the New York Mets management about signing a contract extension in the off-season. Therefore, if Jose Reyes does decide to get out of Dodge, Wright's contract will maintain its current status; he currently has one more year guaranteed.

Both Wright and Reyes were the left side of the infield that were supposed to be the building blocks for this organization. Now, in the midst of financial trouble in what is sure to be a tumultuous off-season in Flushing, the Mets are in danger of losing one of those building blocks in Reyes, with the other probable to follow suit either though a trade initiated by the Mets or through David playing out his contract to Free Agency.

For New York Mets fans, this can't be good news (depending on where you stand on the issue of David Wright, of course). If you were a fan that was looking to lock up at least one of those infielders, now would be a good time to lower your expectations, and prepare for what is to be the eventual worst.

On that note, the Daily News' Martino thinks that David Wright will at least be with the Mets through the duration of the off-season, a report that conflicts with baseball insider Peter Gammons' assessment of the Wright situation in New York. Gammons expects the Mets to deal Wright, regardless of whether or not Reyes is re-signed.

From both a fan's standpoint and an organizational standpoint, this off-season is one that needs to be filled with soul-searching. Do we want to stick with Wright and Reyes, who have been here for so long, or go in a different direction, and redefine what it means to completely rebuild?

It is a debate that may not have an end…until April.

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